How To Turn A Closet Into A Walk-In Dressing

Space is a constant problem in home design since there’s never enough of it to match our vivid imagination and creativity. We change, redecorate and transform to keep the pace and meet various needs that come up every passing day and, why not, to stay in fashion. And since any type of home, be it a small apartment, has a few storage spaces, these are always the first “victims” of our makeover need and creative drive. It’s not rare we walk into places where closets were, if not removed entirely to expand the living space, at least turned into spaces with new roles. All these being said, here is how to turn a closet into a walk-in closet, an option those seeking more space often turn to.

So, depending on the surface of the closet, you may want to install dividers to delimit those spaces featuring different functions. For instance, separate the clothes area from the shoe sector by installing vertical dividers. Or you can go for a horizontal separation, starting with lower shelves for the shoes, the middle ones reserved for the trousers, and the upper space dedicated to shirts, sweaters etc. And since we also have suits and coats, then you need to also mount a rack in a larger space. Choose a sturdy wooden or metal rod. The space division can also be made based on the members of the family, again if the space permits.

If you choose to install shelves, then mount short ones, at most 40 cm long or else they will bend and look unaesthetic. And since we store clothes and shoes in this space, it is ideal this is a very well aired room to avoid nasty odors settling in. If there’s air vent inside, then make sure you air the space quite often during the day and use some air fresheners.

And since you sacrificed the closet, then turn the new dressing into a completely functional space: install accessories such as an ottoman or a small bench which will be of great use when putting on or taking off the shoes and by all means install a mirror, preferably on the door to be easy accessible. And, if there’s no space left in the entry hall coat rack, then always keep some for guests in your new dressing. It is after all a very good opportunity to take pride in the new practical space in your home.


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