How To Remove Lint – 5 Accessible Solutions

Any clothing loses its image potential if visible lint sticks to it. Removing them is not actually a too pleasant pastime, but thanks God, there are many solutions out there to get the job done quickly and give the clothes the dapper look we so much need in our daily social interaction. So here is how to remove lint, in a series of ideas coming via, which mostly involve alternative means.

Use a lint roller. You can find them in the laundry department of a supermarket, as well as in fabric stores and pet stores. Peel the wrapper off the tube part, and roll it across the garment. Use and up-and-down motion. As you continue to roll, you will notice that the lint roller is become less tacky. When this happens, simply peel off the sticky sheet to reveal a fresh sticky underneath. Keep rolling and removing sheets until there is no more lint.

Make a homemade lint roller. You will need a roll of wide, packaging tape and a rolling pin. Unroll a little bit of tape, and place the end against one of the ends of the rolling pin. Make sure that the sticky side of the tape is facing you, and the smooth side is facing the rolling pin. Carefully wrap the tape around the rolling pin in a spiral, like a candy cane, making sure to overlap each turn. When you reach the other end of the rolling pin, cut the tape off. It should hold together by itself, but it if doesn’t, you can use a small piece of tape to stick it down to the pin.

Roll some wide, packaging tape around your hand. Cut a piece of wide tape that is a little more than twice the width of your hand. Hold out your hand with your fingers closed together. Wrap the tape, sticky-side-out around your fingers, and overlap the edges. Lightly pat the affected area with your fingers. When the tape stops being sticky, simply rotate the tape around your fingers until the dirty side is facing you. Continue patting the garment with the fresh side of the tape.

Use a strip of tape. Find some wide tape, and cut a piece that is a few inches long. Place the tape, sticky-side-down, onto the affected area. Make sure that the tape is going in the same direction as the weave of the fabric (usually up-and-down). Rub your finger across the tape to smooth it down, then pull it off.

Rub a pumice stone or a “sweater stone” against sweaters and fleece. This can also remove pilling. Make sure that you are going with the weave of the fabric, and not against it. Also, try not to rub too hard, or go over the same area too much. The pumice stone will take off the top layer of the fabric. If you keep going over the same spot, you may get a hole.

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