Hazel Tree Business. Sustainable for an Average Investment

Hazel tree farming is one of the most profitable businesses in agriculture. The investment required is medium, while the profits can exceed 4,000 dollars per acre. Here are the benefits of a hazel tree business.

The profit

The production per acre is of 800 – 1,000 pounds, whereas a single pound is sold for between 12 and 35 dollars. You can get even more profit out of a hazel tree business from also growing truffles.

The costs

The maintenance of a hazel tree plantation is not expensive and you can apply for European funds for this kind of investment. For starting the business, one needs 12,000 – 25,000 per acre, depending on the variety of hazel trees one chooses.

Hazel tree business. The soil

Hazel trees are not demanding when it comes to the type of the soil they need. They can therefore grow in soils that are not suitable for grains or even on grazing fields. Moreover, hazel trees are drought and heat resistant.

The environment

It’s an environment-friendly culture. Hazel trees hold the ground, purify the air and create protection curtains, reducing drought effects.

Hazel tree business. The fruit

Hazel nuts are very appreciated for their nutritional and health benefits, being rich in proteins, oils and vitamins.

Most of the hazel tree farmers are in Romania are in Timis, Alba and Sibiu counties. A great part of their production is exported.

Hazel tree farming is a long-lasting business, it implies low costs and it can be exploited for 50-70 years.

Credits: ideideafaceri.manager.ro

Photo credits: adevarul.ro

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