Grey Bedrooms – Unconventional Chromatic

Grey is not actually the first chromatic choice when it comes to decorating interiors. But the images below come to convince you that the neutral tones are designed to relax and offer a captivating alternative to the classical colors we all rely on. Here are examples of grey bedrooms that entice to rest thanks to the calmness they exude. Pictures and descriptions come via

This spacious 30 square meter bedroom takes a simple and striking approach to its color palette. Hot pink accents make an immediate impression within the otherwise calm greyscale interior, turning ordinary features like textiles and chairs into dramatic focal points. Stripes are one of the few decorative patterns that reoccur throughout, with the majority of ornamental emphasis placed on texture alone.

dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 1 dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 2

In the second example, pastel accents and smooth natural materials soften the effect of the greyscale elements in this neutral bedroom. Defined by the basics but enhanced by a sense of understated luxury, this bedroom fosters a comfortable and casual environment that still manages to stoke envy at every turn. Despite the streamlined appeal, this room still maintains plenty of breathing room for personal expression, often through artwork.

dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 3 dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 4

The forms seem to retain a strong minimalist element, but the bright yellow headboard area pops out from the greyscale surroundings and definitely pushes this space more toward the side of futurism. High-end furniture and lighting makes a strong statement with their sculptural forms. The opposite side of the room remains minimalistic so the resident can fall asleep easily at night and study at the desk without distraction.

dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 5 dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 6

Designed for a young single man, this apartment turns soft greyscale tones into urban flare with a strong industrial approach. Textural concrete reflects the apartment’s urban location on the 30th floor of a city high rise. Despite the emphasis on rugged materials, bold textiles help soften the aesthetic for a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 7 dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 8

Homey and eclectically decorated, this bedroom is nowhere as minimalistic as the other homes in this post. Signs of a well-lived life flourish everywhere the eye comes to rest. It’s a relatively compact space for all of the things it accomplishes – boasting plenty of storage, workspace, and artwork. Here, the greyscale color theme serves as a casual neutral between the colorful decorations.

dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 9 dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 10

Graphic design enthusiasts are sure to appreciate this bedroom. Although the layout accommodates two young siblings, the style itself absolutely transcends age or lifestyle. Yellow details pop out against the background of soft grey, allowing bold patterns to share the room without overwhelming the strict focus of the decor.

dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 11 dormitoare in gri grey bedrooms 12

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