Fight Weeds With Organic Solutions – Practical Tips in the Garden

There is nothing more irritating and frustrating for a gardener than finding his flower beds and veggies invaded by weeds which can turn the spring long effort into nothing. We scoured the web to find different solutions to kill weeds and came across some practical tips laid out by Jamie Durie, an American horticulturist, for More than that, he showed us how to get rid of weeds in a natural manner, using only organic resources only.

Avoid using too many chemicals in the fight against weeds, Durie says, recommending a series of organic recipes to keep away plants invading our crops. Weeds that sprayed with these mixtures will curl up and die in the end. The first recipe is the following: mix four cups of salt in one gallon of water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and use on weeds. The second one:  mix equal parts of vinegar, cheap gin, lemon juice and water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and use on weeds.

Durie also comes up with solutions to deter animals without harming them. He recommends we look for plants that either discourage animals or taste bad to them since they’ll be less likely to nibble next time.

At the same time, fish fertilizer is another easy fix because the smell deters animals like gophers and rabbits, but will still serve as a natural, organic fertilizer in your garden. Another option is to spray plants with cayenne pepper and water to prevent dogs from urinating on the area. Soapy water will also work since dogs sniff plants before. Keep bunnies out by planting new greenery into a mesh bucket made of chicken wire — it will be partially planted in the soil, making it more difficult for animals to access.

You can also distract birds by allowing them to feast on cereals, putting bowels along the garden fence. As concerns slugs, you can use the sharp sides of cracked eggs as a barrier. Last, but not least, save the spiders since they can turn to be more effective at removing pests, without harming your crop.

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