Christmas decorations for small apartments

Do you have an apartment with small rooms or do you live in a studio? That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your house for the holidays! Continue reading about Christmas decorations for small apartments and discover how easy it is to decorate your home using these tricks:

Christmas decorations for small apartments

Decorate the kitchen
No matter how tempted you are to put an artificial tree or some candles on the kitchen countertop, that will do nothing but occupy even more of your space already limited. Instead, choose to decorate the kitchen cabinets. You can hang some wreaths or you can tie the cuffs to the cabinet handles. Let your imagination fly and decorate the cabinets, not the table or the countertop.

Don’t ignore the ceiling

When your space is limited on the width… act on the length. Leaving metaphors aside, instead of placing various decorations on the floor, choose to hang some from the ceiling.
Festive shelves

Don’t you have room to place a tree? What about… a rack in the shape of a tree? You can do it by yourself, with a string and a few wooden planks and you can place it in any corner of the house you want. Decorate it with candles, lights and tree twigs.


Christmas wreaths are usually associated with the front door, but they can be placed anywhere. If you have no place to put other decorations in the house, hang a few wreaths from the furniture and you will see the entire place will light up.

Christmas decorations for small apartments

Christmas tree
It goes without saying that you do not have the necessary space to place a tall tree, but that does not mean you have to give up the idea. Find a smaller tree and place it in a basket or put a few books under it for a special result.
Whether we are talking about the chairs in the kitchen or in the living room, they can be decorated with for the holidays. Opt for a wreath, as in pictures or various colorful ribbons and play with them until you get a result to your liking.

Last but not least, replace the pillows with some that aresuitable for this period of the year. If you have decorative pillows in your bedroom or on a sofa, in the living room, replace them with some that have holiday messages. And if you do not have decorative pillows, this is the ideal time to purchase a few.


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