Brick houses. Dream houses for those in love with the traditional style

We have selected in the ranks below three projects of spacious and practical houses, for those in love with the traditional style. So, we invite you to discover three brick houses.

Brick Houses

The first example is a traditional attic house, which impresses through a façade framed in solid columns behind which stretches a cosy veranda. The house also captures through an almost perfect chromatic unit, centered on the harmony between brick surfaces, roofs and columns. The house is spread over an area of 175 square meters and has concentrated the entire living space on the ground floor where we find a living room, dining room and kitchen in an open space that is flanked by two terraces. Three bedrooms are located on the ground floor, the main one with access to the front porch. Upstairs, a bonus room calls for moments of intimacy and the rediscovery of passions.

Brick Houses

The second project is a house with an integrated garage and a generous area of about 180 square meters. The house is distinguished by rich and elegant facades dressed in brick, including exterior support poles, in superb contrasts with the rest of the surfaces. The ground floor reunites open living spaces, expanded outside through a round terrace, a bathroom, a desk and a technical room complementing this level. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, one of them with access to a balcony. On the metallic structure, the key price of this House is about 81,000 euros.

Brick Houses

The last project is an ideal home for a land on the slope. The Attic and basement house with outdoor opening has an area of 223 square meters, with the central space of the first level dedicated to the living rooms, with access to two spacious verandas. The main bedroom is fitsed on an embossed volume of the building and enjoys both a bathroom with a vaulted ceiling, as well as two dresinguris face to face. Two other bedrooms, next to a recreation room, are located in the basement, connected to a terrace and a veranda, while in the attic there is a spacious bonus room, with a utility that fold in time on the owner’s other needs.

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