Best Colors For the Bedroom and How They Work to Improve Your Sleep or Sex Life

Your bedroom is the most intimate place in the house, so it’s only natural you paint it in your favorite color. But if you’re hesitant or indecisive, it’s good to know that there are colours more relaxing and bedroom-suitable than others. A British survey has even shown that certain colours in the bedroom improve the couple’s sex life. Here are the best colors for the bedroom if you’re about to design or redesign yours.

Best colors for the bedroom. Better sleep

The above mentioned survey, applied to 2,000 British citizens, showed a connection between sleep quality, sex-life and the bedroom colour.

The best color for a restful sleep turned out to be blue. People with blue bedrooms reported sleeping an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes a night. Teachers and other public institutions employees prefer this colour in their bedrooms. Besides having a calming effect and lowering blood pressure and pulse, blue makes people wake-up happier, as shown in the answers of 58% of the survey participants.

best colors for the bedroom

Certain tones of yellow come next in inducing before-sleep relaxation and more sleep.

Next in the poll are: green, 22% of the participants associated it with a positive feeling when waking up, silver tones, probably because they resemble nocturnal lighting, and orange, for creating a climate of confidence and stability – it seems that orange is muscle-relaxing and stimulates digestion, that can be very useful if you had a lot of food before sleeping.

best colors for the bedroom

best colors for the bedroom

It seems that the most inappropriate colours for a bedroom are grey and brown, probably because they are depressive, and especially violet. Though elegant and apparently soothing, violet stimulates brain activity and this is the last thing you need when getting to bed.

best colors for the bedroom

Best colors for the bedroom. Better sex

Probably the greatest surprise of the poll was that people sleeping in caramel painted bedrooms have more sex, on an average of three times a week. Those with red bedrooms answered they had sex only once a week.

best colors for the bedroom



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