How to Put Up a Bitumen Shingles Roof Cover

Choosing bitumen shingles roof cover is pretty cheap and convenient. You can put this material on any roof shape and it’s resistant to weather hazards, cold, frost and heat. It’s light and easy to put up and there are no additional fixtures needed for the ridge and edges. This is how to put up a bitumen shingles roof.

Bitumen shingles are fixed on the roof revetment.

How to put up a bitumen shingles roof. Draw up

Before you start, mark your work surface accordingly. Draw a horizontal line parallel to the edge, at around 8 inches from it. Then draw a perpendicular line to guide you when aligning your shingles vertically. Continue drawing parallels horizontally at 4.5 – 5.5 inches, to mark the overlapping of your shingles. Consider that a less inclined roof will require shingles overlapping more to ensure efficient drainage of rainwater and impermeability.

How to put up a bitumen shingles roof. Installation

Shingles are set up from the edges to the ridge. First you need to install a zinc belt on the roof edge for drainage. First shingle row will be fixed parallely, slits upwards. Trim the edges, pin the nails and apply glue on the whole surface. The next shingle row will be fixed regularly, slits downwards. Pin the nails above every cut that forms the fish scale texture and add a drop of glue on every nail.

The ridge can be covered either with a zinc belt, or with bitumen, cut and folded accordingly.



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