Rose Cultivars for the Garden. Spectacular Colors and Unique Frangrances

Picking up a few rose shrubs for a regular size garden is no easy task, considering that there are more than 2,000 cultivars of this beloved flower out there. Here are seven rose cultivars for the garden, that combine valuable plant characteristics with flowers in spectacular colors, offering unique fragrances.

Chrysler Imperial

This is one of the most fragrant roses, with a long bud, intense red, velvet-like petals and very large flowers. It blooms from May till late fall, the plant grows strong, tending to form a bush. It’s a great addition to your garden’s design and it also offers beautiful roses for the indoors.

rose cultivars for the garden

Rose cultivars for the garden. Pinguin

Pinguin is a beautiful, vigorous rose, with large, white flowers, shaded in creamy and pinkish hues. Its qualities make it great material for flower arrangements and bridal bouquets. It blooms from May till late fall.

rose cultivars for the garden


This vigorous shrub produces large, double-size flowers, in a superb pink hue and with a powerful perfume. The foliage is shiny, dark green, healthy and very disease-resistant. The shrub blooms early and abundantly, from spring till late fall, and can reach between 30 and 40 inches in height.

rose cultivars for the garden

Rose cultivars for the garden. Velasquez

A true masterpiece of nature, this cultivar dedicated to the great Baroque Spanish painter has a rich foliage, regular blooming and good resistance to diseases. The flower is truly original, colored in dark violet and strongly perfumed. It measures approximately 5 inches in diameter, while the shrub’s height is 35 – 60 inches.

rose cultivars for the garden

Honey Vanilla

This vanilla colored rose blooms repeatedly, producing grouped large, round flowers with a lot of petals. They are slightly perfumed, but they last at least 12 days after being cut from the shrub. The plant grows fast into beautiful bushes.

rose cultivars for the garden

Rose cultivars for the garden. Graham Thomas

Rosa Graham Thomas was voted the most beloved rose in the world by 41 rose research societies. Its buds are reddish, while the open flowers are bright yellow, have a unique flavor and a very special charm. They also last until mid-fall.

rose cultivars for the garden

Rainbow Sorbet

This cultivar produces superb flowers, with yellow petals, pinkish on the edges, and grows up to 60 inches. It tolerates low temperatures and is resistant to diseases. It blooms from late spring to early fall.

rose cultivars for the garden

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