Bathroom Makeover – Practical Refreshing Ideas

Any change at home gives you a new tonus and sets you in the right positive mood while personalizing your crib. Once in a while, some changes here and there, if you can’t afford radical changes, do you good and replenish your energy supplies. Here are some ideas to refresh your bathroom, the room where, lying in a tub, you can relax at the end of a busy day.

Change the tile and leave the usual ubiquitous patterns behind! Pick an interesting, eye-catching design which, in combination with crisp white walls and cabinetry, creates beautiful contrasts. You can as well choose tiles which imitate the appearance of wood floor but which is less costly while maintaining the strong visual effect.

Bathroom makeover for a new look

Bathroom makeover – new tiles


Idei practice de improspatare a baii de acasa

The bathroom is, generally, inert from a chromatic and materials point of view. Ceramic and porcelain anywhere the eye turns, this is why the room could use some organic, natural accent which will give it a note of vitality. Use a wooden stool, a woven basket or traditional rugs or towels.

We mentioned before, in a different article, that one of the trends in home design in 2015 is locating the bathtub in the middle of the room. Huffington Post recommends, this time, a sculptural tub, with a sleek design.


Bathroom makeover at home

Bathroom makeover – sculptural tub

Turn your attention to the mirror now and give it a distinct appearance by framing in it driftwood, while the whole bathroom gets that organic accent we mentioned before.

Bathroom makeover at home

Bathroom makeover – personalized mirror

Use the wood again to originally decorate the shower cabin, too. White boards and transparent glass, a combination which brings your bathroom a fresh look.

Bathroom makeover at home

Bathroom makeover – white and transparent

The next in our bathroom makeover ideas is the use of a shimmering, shell-like backsplash and gleaming sconces paired with a frameless mirror, setting a glamorous tone in this master bath. The same wood clad walls and white cabinetry spawn the impression of open space, fit for relaxation.

Bathroom makeover at home

Bathroom makeover – let the light flow in

If you think there’s too much white in your bathroom, then use a splash of color. The visual effects is stunning, as you can see for yourselves in the picture below, which shows a shower cabin set in blue mosaic tiles.

Bathroom makeover at home

Bathroom makeover – a splash of color

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