Animal Farm Outside Bucharest. Attractions, Facilities and Fees

The Animal Farm in Pantelimon is the first farm-park for children in Romania. On a 430,000 square feet area, children can approach domestic animals, play and enjoy themselves a whole day. This is what you can see at the Animal Farm outside Bucharest.

The Animal Farm is a family business that started in June 2009, right next to the Dairy Farm in Pantelimon, outside Bucharest. So after you have fun at the animal farm, you can take away some fresh milk and dairy products. It’s not too far from the city (12 km from Bucharest centre), but “countryside” enough for a day here to be an escape, according to its website,

Animal Farm Outside Bucharest. Facilities

You’ll find free parking and a good internet connection at the farm. Access facilities for the disabled are also provided.

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

There’s a restaurant with grilled meat, baked potatoes, deserts, fresh juice and coffee, among others, open at weekends and national holidays.

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

There’s also a shop where you’ll find accessible creative toys, educational fun books and animal souvenirs.

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

Animal Farm Outside Bucharest. Fun for children

A visit at the farm will get a child to have fun and exercise outdoors and also learn a lot of things about domestic animals. They will watch cows being milked, will help comb poneys and feed calves with milk bottles, under the staff’s supervision.

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

There will always be ponies, goats, sheep, guinea and pot-bellied pigs, ostriches, hedgehogs, peacocks, donkeys, coypus, ducks and turkeys around for children to see.

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

They can feed some of the animals with grass or carrots, also hold some of them, and then play some more.

Animal Farm outside Bucharest

There are two large trampolines and a zip-line that can be used free of charge.

Children under 65 pounds can ride ponies.

There are also birthday parties organized in a designated gazebo or on the upper floor of the barn in winter. You can have catering from the restaurant or bring your own food.

Animal Farm outside Bucharest. Fees

Admission for children under 2 years old is free. For children over 2 years old, retired people and students, the admission fee is $2.34, and for adults it’s $2.81. A family of four can pay only $9.

For having parties here during the week, you have to pay $3.5 for each child over 2 and each adult, while at weekends the fee is $4.70 for a child and $5.85 for an adult.

Photo credits:, Facebook/ Ferma Animalelor

Video: YouTube/ Irina D.

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