Six Alternative Uses Of Hairspray

Many years ago, when adolescence was emboldening in any possible way, the hair gel and spray were a must have in our quests for bold and rebel looks. Unless you had them, you would borrow one to reach the target, entirely or partially. Leaving memories aside, let’s take a close look at some alternative uses of hairspray which can turn out to be helpful in various situations we run into at home. Here are some tips as seen on

Flowers are always a fine colorful and fragrant presence in our homes. But what is left to do when they start drying? Don’t throw them away, at least not yet. After the flowers have dried, a spritz will help the color from fading so you can enjoy the flowers a bit longer and make them easier to dust.

Also, a little spritz of hairspray on the stamens of fresh flowers, like lilies and tulips, keeps the pollen grains from falling off and staining carpeting or fabrics, especially since these stains are so hard to remove.

If you have a hard time trying to thread a needle (who hasn’t?), then spray the tip of the thread and then give it a pinch. The pesky thread will stiffen so you can get it through the skinny eye of a needle in just one try.

We are used to seeing hairspray useful solely for the hair on the head. But what to do to keep those unruly eyebrows in place? Spray a small amount of hairspray on your fingers and then run them across the eyebrows to keep them in place for a longer time. Make sure to avoid getting any in your eyes.

If you have kids at home, try to preserve some of their drawings. A light misting of hairspray on pencil or chalk art will prevent smudging.

Last, but not least, a piece of advice for the ladies. You can stop a pantyhose run from getting worse with a quiz spritz of hairspray. The fabric may indeed get sticky, but that will prevent a quick run, saving you some more time while you’re away from home.

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