The House In The Hill – Natural Contour Design

It can also be the house on the hill, but in the hill is the right description of what we will see below here, a home physically integrated into the slope of a forested hill. It is yet another house matching that concept of utter harmonization with the surrounding natural landscape, we have often seen in our presentations, of perfect integration into nature which, sooner or later, we all return to. This time we are looking at a house in France, featuring a modern design especially drawn to mold to the natural contours all around.

From the very first look, the design of the house easily stands out. Aside from the glass walls and steel materials, it also has that curvy part on both sides of it which seem to continue the natural shapes of the relief around, leading some to think of it as a ship. Casa Jura, as it was named by its architects, is only a house its owners wanted to be perfectly integrated into the natural landscape where it was built. Therefore, the house is partially buried, with a strip of grass running over its terraced roof where a small garden and a deck also lie.

The structure is a rebel presence in the architectural ensemble of the village where it lies, as can be easily noticed in the images attached below, but doesn’t make a stark contrast with the natural environment where it was built. The house features two levels, with spacious and well naturally lit interiors and windows that take part of the undulating moves of the façade. On both stories, interiors are painted in a combination of grey and beige, exuding a relaxing feel.


The house in the hill in France

The house in the hill – a fine and visible presence in the tiny French village

casa din deal the house in the hill 4 casa din deal the house in the hill 5

The upper level is dedicated to socializing spaces and boasts incredible views thanks to the glazed walls all around and the vantage point of the house. A discreet terrace opens behind, directly connected to the nature that runs free and wild behind the house. A wooden staircase connects the two levels, with a window at the top of it shedding some mystic light over the steps.

The house in the hill in France

The house in the hill – interiors connected to outdoor spaces through undulating windows

casa din deal the house in the hill 7 casa din deal the house in the hill 8

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