Home Cleaning Tips – Solutions At Your Fingertips

We go on with our home cleaning tips series and come up with new practical tips which can help you in those situations when you think that only products on shop shelves can work. But these solutions that you never thought of are all around you and you won’t have to take money out of the pocket anymore. Here are some more cleaning tips, easy to carry out and efficient, in the article below, as seen on Realsimple.com.

Bottles, vases and all sorts of glassware in the kitchen with all sorts of residue at the bottom. So prepare a stained vase for a new batch of blooms. If you can’t reach the residue at the bottom, add a tablespoon of rice and a lot of soapy water, shake, and rinse until clean. The rice will do its job and remove any dirt in those inaccessible corners.

When you load a dish washer, there’s always that tendency to put as much as possible inside to get the job done in a single washing cycle. To better organize the space, secure wayward stemware in the dishwasher by tethering it to the machine’s prongs with rubber bands and make some room for more dishes.

Now, if you have pets at home and they leave hair all around (pretty unlikely not to), the solution is easier than you may have thought. Leave the vacuum alone and put on a damp rubber dishwashing glove instead and run your hand over hair-covered upholstery. The hair will cling to the glove, not the sofa. Rinse off the glove in the sink with the drain catcher in place, of course.
Since winter holidays are just round the corner, then remove dust stuck to the wreath of pinecones or faux green you usually hang on the door by placing it in a paper bag with a 1/4 cup of salt. Fold the top of the bag over and gently shake so the salt gets in between the cones and twigs and scrubs the unaesthetic dust away.

When preparing a salad, we know washing those leaves take a while and some of our patience as well. So, to shorten the effort, clean dirt from leafy vegetables by washing them in a bath of salt water.

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