What To Do With Used Cell Phones – Five Practical Solutions

Cell phones come and go in keeping with the dizzying technological evolution. What one buys today may become old tomorrow and hence the high frequency smartphones are changed these days under the temptation of more or less practical innovations. Whether this is snobbery or not is not for us to debate here. The thing is you all have old phones kept in a drawer which serve no purpose other than taking some of the storage space. Here are some tips about what to do with used cell phones.

Starting from the premise you have a first generation smartphone, then you should know it can make a fine surveillance camera. Since there a lot of applications, such as ICamSpy, Presence or IP Cam Viewer Lite, which can help, set up your mobile to keep an eye on your car in the parking or, more useful, the kid’s room.

Another role an old cell phone can receive is using it as a GPS. You won’t have to use your new smartphone for this and keep it just for phone calls while following the route indicated by the old terminal.

Since we all have one or two (or more) TVs at home, use the old cell phone as a remote control thanks to so many applications available these days. It can also become a universal remote helping you also control DVD and Blu-ray players.

If you love music and want to wake up to some fine rhythms in the morning, then connect the old phone to some sound speakers and turn into an original radio which won’t take much space. In the same context, use the old phone as an MP3 player loaded with all your favorite songs. You will have an entirely gadget serving your hobby, without worrying about the battery of your new smartphone.

If none of the options above doesn’t suit your liking, then recycle your old cell phone if you acre about the environment. Use a buy-back service at a large electronics store or mobile operator or just throw it in the special phone recycling bin. Last, but not least, donate the old piece to charity and you will just feel much better.

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