Vertical gardens, miniature oases

A garden, especially in the city, breaks the fast pace of life, entertains you and recharge your batteries. But what do you do when you have little or no space for your little passion for gardening? Vertical gardens are a response to this question – climbed on a fence, a wall and the balcony rails – and thus one can have its own oasis of inspiration and relaxation.

Vertical gardens are a trend in vogue now as more and more gardeners specialize in this concept. Moreover, the trend leaves its mark on the gardening sector, producers trying to diversify the technical means to allow the “verticalization” of gardens. Last but not least, real estate entrepreneurs increasingly take into account construction options to allow them to be attached vertical gardens.

Vertical gardens basically symbolize a movement suggestively called “green wall”. It started with French botanist Patrick Blanc’s idea, who introduced the technique of vertical gardening in an exhibition hosted by the Museum of Science and Industry in Paris in 1988. Since that year, Blanc and plenty of followers of his idea continued to promote this revolutionary new concept worldwide.

The photos accompanying this material, seen on, can inspire your desire to create an own vertical garden, of course on a smaller scale. In most cases, you can count on a wooden pallet, fixed to a wall or placed right in the middle of the garden for a stronger visual effect.

Vertical gardens in the city

Vertical gardens – a wood pallet is the handiest example

You can also use a mesh wall, hung in a wooden frame, with many pots of flowers hanging on it.

Vertical gardens in the city

Vertical gardens – pots of flowers on a mesh wall

Even more ingenious is the mini vertical garden in the image below: an old dresser, just about to become junk, filled with soil and plants grown in each of the wide drawers wide. The image of the terraced mini-garden is very appealing.

Vertical gardens in the city

Vertical gardens – an old terraced-dreser

Several pieces of boards with holes in each of them drilled to fix pots, hanging from a wall, form a mini vertical garden that breaks the monotony of the wall.

Vertical gardens in the city

Vertical gardens – a dull wall comes back to life

Some plywood crates stacked in the final form of a pyramid can create what you see in the image below.

Vertical gardens in the city

Vertical gardens – the green pyramid

Here’s another idea about what we could do with the multitude of plastic bottles that you throw to the garbage every day: a vertical garden that looks ingenious. Certainly the idea is one that neighbors and friends will envy you for.

Vertical gardens in the city

Vertical gardens – the green PETs

Even a ladder, placed where you wish, can take on the role of a vertical garden. Attached to a support, a few metal buckets, placed vertically, quickly turn into a mini – oasis in your home.

Vertical gardens in the city

Vertical gardens – buckets on a wall

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