Using Plasterboard – Pros and Cons for Gypsum Walls and Finishes

Plasterboard has become more and more popular this last century, due to its multiple advantages in constructions. Plasterboard walls are the most frequently used for interior division, but it can also be used for finishes. Plasterboard walls are cheaper and easier to build than masonry ones. The technique is so simple, it can be applied at home without specialized help. Here are more details on using plasterboard – pros and cons for building gypsum walls and finishes.

Plasterboard is basically an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper. These boards can be treated with various additives to improve their water and fire proofing.

There are also plaster boards where the lining papers is replaced by fiberglass, to prevent the formation of mold.


Using plasterboard – pros and cons. Advantages


One advantage of using plasterboard is saving time. The boards can be easily fitted where you need them. For instance, in a room with uneven walls, placing plaster board is the solution to obtain even surfaces. Finishes with plasterboard take less time.

Clean procedure

The technique being completely dried, building a plasterboard wall means avoiding all the mess implied by masonry.


Using plasterboard is also cheaper than using other construction materials. In also involves a lower consumption of energy for heat or air conditioning.

Environmental friendly

Plaster boards are 100% recyclable.


Right after fitting them, plaster boards can be painted or decorated as you please.


If a classic wall weighs 44 pounds/square foot, the weight of plasterboard is four times less. The space taken up by plasterboard is a lot decreased living you with more useful area.


There are plaster boards specially made for curved surfaces, such as vaulted ceilings.

Using plasterboard – pros and cons. Disadvantages


These are very light boards that can be easily deteriorated, by hanging a hard object on them for example. If you need to install sanitaries, TV screens or other objects on a plasterboard wall, metal sections should also be applied.



Plasterboard alone doesn’t offer any insulation, nor for heat, nor noise. To gain this property, other materials must be added.

On the other hand, adding insulation materials, such as glass or mineral wool, can make plaster boards even better insulators than normal walls.


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