Five Tiny Homes That Exude Desire For Freedom

The tiny home craze is spreading like a rumor from one end of the word to another. In search of absolute freedom, people are starting to get closer to nature in tiny homes which also keeps away from bank loans. We have today put together five such tiny homes, coming via, whose prices range from 10,000 up to 50,000 USD, but which epitomize people’s dire need of flexibility.

The first example is a tiny arch shaped steel house. These sturdy and incredibly versatile structures can withstand up to 150 mile-per-hour winds and even 30 pounds-per-square-foot of snow. To keep costs to a minimum, the homes are sold as customizable DIY kits that can be put together in as little as three days.

case foarte mici tiny homes 1

The second example is a mobile home. Mobility is the also a feature of the contemporary generation that seeks to blend passion for nature and, respectively, traveling under a single roof. This tiny home boasts a beautiful contemporary aesthetic with quality (and often reclaimed) materials. One such example is the stunning Boulder tiny house model that sold for $27,350. This modern 18-foot model (pictured) is custom built and is available for $37,000.

case foarte mici tiny homes 2

A mobile home again. You can buy a 20-feet-long and 8.5-feet-wide Half/Half option in which they build the first half—including the weather-tight insulated facade, flooring, polyurethane roofing, water, sewer, power, and gas lines—and you finish the second half, from the siding to interior design. The Half/Half starts at just $20,000, but the producer also offers a move-in ready version for $47,000.

case foarte mici tiny homes 3

Here are some prefabs now which take less money out of a customer’s pocket. This modular house series are available in a variety of sizes, starting with the smallest 26-square-meter option priced at a little over $14,000. Each cozy home is clad in timber and double-glazed windows, and can be easily assembled in just one day.

case foarte mici tiny homes 4

Now, if you want to break down the conventional barriers, here is something that fits your plans perfectly and lets you live in harmony with the environment. The manufacturing company sells their green-roofed homes as DIY kits so that anyone can build their homes at an affordable price. The starting price for the kit begins at the cost of $41.74 per square foot for the shells.

case foarte mici tiny homes 5

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