The Pre-Fab Treehouse, In Harmony With Nature

Our desire to be different is manifested in different ways. Of late, it is also reflected in the design of the homes we choose to stay in, more precisely, in their size. Smaller is the rule now in a world tired of the alert rhythm it is moving and more and more willing to take a break and catch its breath. Below is one of these products that fit the people’s desire for freedom which is being felt more and more acutely and expressed in bolder forms as the time passes.

Eco-Perch is a house featuring a modern design, but which perfectly integrates in the natural environment, a magnet which has been drawing more and more inhabitants of the big cities. The idea belongs to a British construction company, Blue Forest, which sought to come out with an original and equally aesthetic product. Eco-Perch is a house which can easily sleep four persons and which seems to be a natural piece of the surrounding puzzle.

The pre-fab treehouse is fantastic

The pre-fab treehouse – natural shape

Casa prefabricata din copac the pre-fab treehouse 6

Assembled with natural materials, the structure may be implemented within 5 days, minimally impacting the landscape with adequate site preparation beforehand, according to Contained within a 6 meter by 8 meter footprint, the combined kitchen, dining, living area and bedroom may comfortably accommodate four people. In a corner, a two layer bed makes an efficient use of the small space while featuring intimacy in the otherwise open interior. Wrapped with a continuous roof surface, its oval sectional geometry visually connects with the outdoor scenery through windows and a veranda formed with a deep eave. A fire wood storing space in the corner gives the place a rustic touch.

The pre-fab treehouse is fantastic

The pre-fab treehouse – generous interior spaces

Casa prefabricata din copac in ton cu natura

Designers say eco-Perch is a more attractive alternative to poor quality trailers, giving a more generous use of space, while still remaining efficient. To prove the house has also the advantage of mobility, they perched the house in a tree, as seen in the image below. The house integrates the landscape perfectly and seems to be a natural extension of the forest nearby.

The pre-fab treehouse is fantastic

The pre-fab treehouse – part of the nature

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