The Garden Igloo – A Multi-functional Space In The Open Air

It is no surprise each of us dreams of withdrawing into nature’s fortress at the end of a hard work day where we are protected from the tiring dynamic of the contemporary life. This is the very natural reaction of any human being that a Turkish designer, Cagla Isin Alemdar, counted on when she designed a garden igloo, a dome shaped structure in which one can relax in the open air regardless of the weather outside.

The woman worked on the design of this structure for two years, bringing to the stage in which it perfectly blends with the natural landscape it is set in. Its sculptural shape makes a fine visual addition to any back yard or lawn. The garden Igloo is both weather-proof and rust resistant, 100% recyclable, can be used all year round and is set up without tools in two hours. With its two seasonal covers, it provides shade when it’s too hot and keeps out the cold while you’re waiting for summer to arrive – as a play area for children, storage area, garden shelter, greenhouse, jacuzzi cover or pavilion.

The garden igloo

The garden igloo – a mini greenhouse, a reading, playing corner or a space to have a romantic dinner

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According to website, this multi-purpose geodesic dome is large enough to stand up in. It is also able to be completely enclosed, protecting those inside it from rain, wind, or insects. It’s designed to be able to easily change covers depending on what it’s being used for. There’s a transparent cover, a canopy cover, and a mosquito net cover. It would be nice to sleep over here, just like what we do in camping. More important, it can be easily moved and placed anywhere across a garden.

The Garden Igloo is an easy way to add an enclosed room to your backyard, especially for those situations when relatives come on an unannounced visit. You could even add furniture inside it without worrying about everything getting rained on. Its price stands at about 900 Euros for the transparent cover structure, with extra costs for the other two mentioned above.

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