The Chapel Cottage – Historic Vestige in Contemporary Lines

When an experienced architect sees a conversion potential in an old building, even a centuries old chapel, imagination and creativity work wonders. And when you turn a medieval church into a modern home, keeping the key historic details intact, then the story of this, say miraculous transformation, to keep with the spiritual register, has to be told.

What you can see below is the result of a British architecture firm Evolution Design and can be rented for 345 USD per night, according to It is an old Gothic style chapel, standing in a superb pastoral landscape, converted into a holiday retreat in which the interior comes in a stark contrast with the sober exterior. Arched windows frame the country views and allow natural light to seep in, making the space bright and open and highlighting the amazing changes.

Seen from the outside, the old chapel doesn’t suggest anything about the metamorphosis it has gone through, except for the skylights which may tell us something is a little wrong with this historic vestige. Once inside, the grey walls make room for a modern design, featuring open and bright and colorful spaces which makes this transformation even more interesting and captivating.

The chapel cottage in England

The chapel cottage – English rural landscape

The kitchen and the dining room were set up in the smaller body of the building where the skylights flood the interiors with natural light, reflected by the whitewashed walls featuring interesting tapestry.

In the living, the wood burning stove is just for show, a fine rustic touch to an otherwise dynamic décor. The wood stairs, under which a working desk was tucked, lead to the first floor where you will find three bedrooms and two bathrooms. To keep the rooms from feeling dark and cramped, the designers kept the walls white, opted for all-white bedding, and added skylight windows which give the place more energy.

The chapel cottage in England

The chapel cottage – interiors full of light and color

casa din capela the chapel cottage 4 casa din capela the chapel cottage 5

Bathrooms keep with the same interior design, with white making a fine contrast against the floor tiles and walls wrapped in paper which appear to show the age of the building. A standalone tub brings an authentic vintage effect.

The chapel cottage in England

The chapel cottage – white all around

casa din capela the chapel cottage 7

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