Straw Bale House – Closer To Nature

Coming closer to nature is done by simple, yet efficient steps. One of them is building a straw bale house, an option which we took a close look at already and which gives you all the necessary comfort one needs in these contemporary times. Today’s example comes from America, where a company builds such homes in various areas, equipped with modern technology so that these abodes leave a minimum mark on the surrounding natural environment.

The house sits on almost 44 square meters, but comes with 40 acres of land on Colorado’s Western Slope. Half the land is irrigated farmland while the other half is lightly treed with a ravine and creek running through it, according to website The small interior is supplemented by a wide wraparound porch that almost doubles the area under roof. Other outdoor living spaces include a flagstone patio and a covered barbecue area, supplemented by beautiful views of the distant mountains.

Straw bale house

Straw bale house – the interior is almost doubled in space by an outdoor patio

The interior is practically spaced so that no square centimeter is left unused. It is divided in two areas, a living and a kitchen which also incorporates the dining. The latter are framed by a raised wooden platform which houses the bedroom, some sort of an open attic, connected to the rest of the space.

The organic shapes of the walls can be easily noticed inside, especially around the windows, where the smooth and curved lines of the straw bale walls stand out. Wood comes to perfect the organic composition of this small home, bringing extra warmth into a pretty austere décor, but rather welcoming, both inside and outside. The concrete slab was tinted for a durable and inexpensive finish floor.

Straw bale house

Straw bale house – rustic feel interiors, but well spaced

casa din baloti de paie straw bale house 3 casa din baloti de paie straw bale house 4

In a surprising manner, the home blends traditional design elements with modern functions. Being off the grid, the home’s electric power comes from a photovoltaic array and battery bank, and its heat comes from a woodstove. The bathroom facilities don’t meet the “modern conveniences” standard, consisting of an outhouse and attached outdoor shower.

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