Scandinavian Bedrooms – Elegance In Simplicity

The Scandinavian inspired bedrooms place white at the core of their decors, the color which radiates energy and light in a geographical area where night have a strong say. More than that, white goes hand in hand with natural light and, as a consequence, most of these bedrooms face east so to capture as much early morning sun as possible. We will let the images below, coming via, showing you some elegant Scandinavian bedrooms introduce you into an airy, yet vibrant space.

A room in which the black dots come to break up the visual supremacy of the white and introduce small contrasts meant to make the décor mode dynamic. The bed comes down to a lower level, making the physical size of the room gain proportions. The furniture is simple, yet elegant, practically answering the need of storage.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 1

A room as simple as the one before, with bold elements standing out, which is what many interior design ideas lack. The lettering on the wall and the concise message of the picture trace a separate plane in this image. The chair and the pendant light bring discreet notes of modern into the décor.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 2

An unassuming set up in which light fixtures stand out again. Storage spaces and the paintings are integrated in the small niche in the wall on the side of the bed, freeing the rest of the walls.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 3

This bedroom boasts a vantage point over the Norwegian capital Oslo, in the famous Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill. The interior accommodations were created using only Norwegian design objects, in simple lines, but featuring a strong decorative role.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 4

Two separate planes – dark and light – can be distinguished in this bedroom, with the first created by accessories and furniture. Again modern lamps come in stark contrast with the simplicity and naturalness of the wood in the bed and floor.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 5

A minimalist bedroom, but very chic in appearance. The bathroom hides behind the translucent glass door, revealing only shades and contours.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 6

This time, the bedroom comes with more chromatic substance. Wood sneaks into the décor discreetly, with two logs as side stands.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 7

Finally, here is an attic bedroom. We run into the same modern lighting fixtures, in different designs, sharing the stage with vintage style ornamental items. Nature is also part of the décor, bringing fine accents into the serene room.

dormitoare scandinave Scandinavian bedrooms 8

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