Natural wool roof insulation – practical ideas from nature

In an era of profound environmental concerns and more attention being paid to how we use resources increasingly scarce, we always go back to nature to find practical solutions to our daily needs. Natural wool roof insulation is an example of how resources around us can easily take practical roles without us resorting to technology.

This type of insulation used in ecological houses and beyond is very popular in Western countries like Britain or France, especially since the material is biodegradable and does not cause allergies. In New Zealand, where sheep industry has a great economic weight, domestic sheep wool insulation has become a widespread practice.
In the world, wool insulation is in great demand because it provides both thermal and acoustic insulation. An important aspect for which this material is becoming more popular is that it does not pose any health risk since, as we said, it is biodegradable.

Processing the material is simple and consists of mechanical pressing of wool, which is then sold in bales or ropes. With a heat index higher than that of mineral wool, keeping its thermal insulation capacity even when wet, this natural type of insulation is ideal for ecological wooden homes and can bring a good profit for a sheep farm. In Romania, this type of business is just at the beginning, but the concept is gaining ground as more and more entrepreneurs are turning to this type of production.

Natural wool roof insulation, a durable solution

The natural wool insulation is a unique product with excellent thermal and sound insulation features. It is, primarily, an insulating material that keeps its shape even if pressed. Secondly, we are talking about an insulating material that removes indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde from the air, therefore a natural product for the home comfort.

Natural wool roof insulation for confort

Natural wool roof insulation – easy to install

Natural wool roof insulation is fireproof and a material easy to install. Excellent thermal insulation properties of wool are preserved even wet. The loft can be easily isolated by applying slabs of insulating material on its surface or by fixing under the roof beams.

Natural wool roof insulation for confort

Natural wool roof insulation – a long term solution

Regardless of the climate, insulating the roof is of crucial importance. The temperature inside your house will always try to equalize with the outside temperature and a good layer of roof insulation will help in keeping heat inside when it’s cold outside, as well as keeping the rooms chilly in hot summers.

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