The rotating home that lets you change the view with a push of a button

Undoubtedly, architects everywhere are becoming more and more resourceful, while clients are becoming more demanding. We want modern but practical houses that satisfy all our needs. In the ranks below, we present you a daring house, perhaps one of the most beautiful projects in the world: the house with rotating roof, ideal for those who want to see as many landscapes as possible from the comfort of their own home.

The rotating home that  lets you change the view with a push of a button

After seeing here the house that was designed from the drawing of a child and here, the modular house in cylinders, we have chosen to present to you today a house with rotating acopris, a project proposed by the British architects from D * Haus. Thus, Casa Devon has a higher floor that revolves on a Circurlara platform, and this allows the owners to have views of the surroundings from different angles. According to the architects, the client wished to have the opportunity to rotate the living room and the kitchen so that he could enjoy the same scenery that he sees in the morning in the bedroom.

Based on this idea, architects have developed a triangular roof that does not distract from the stone base of the house. “We took a equilateral triangle and started rotating it around an open core. I wanted the circle to be a rotating platform, which will move and change with the external climatic conditions and clients ‘ preferences, “said the architects.

The resulting design is a equilateral volume with three elongated corners that host a bedroom, a lounge and a dining room on the top floor. The house rotates according to the position of the sun, as well as changing seasons and weather conditions. Each room has large glass walls that offer stunning views and a lot of natural light.




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