Money saving tips in gardening

Gardening is the new therapy in fashion in the big cities. It is relaxing, disconnects you from the daily routine and gives you back self-confidence. For this very reason, medics increasingly prescribe gardening for their patients, especially for those suffering from psychological disorders. Statistics show that gardening saves you about 400 Euros per year from keeping you from seeing doctors or buying medicine and by enhancing your professional efficiency.

But, if it is good for health, it should be the same for the wallet and here experts come up with a few money saving tips in gardening, as detailed by the Guardian.

First of all, it goes without saying that every gardener has to know his or her garden. A mistake most gardeners make when starting out is to buy lots of expensive plants without taking into consideration the requirements of each plant, which often results in a waste of money and effort. At the same time, knowing the sunny spots in the garden also helps planting accordingly. In the same context, you can get practical advice from neighbors as to what grows well in the soil without having to pay for plants that won’t grow.

Among other money saving tips in gardening is to use whatever you have within reach to nurture the soil, such as your own home compost or homemade nettle plant feed.

Be on the lookout for bargains. Garden centers can sometimes be costly, but you can get seeds and cuttings from friends, relatives and even neighbors. Plant fairs are another option for such bargains.

At the same time, professional gardeners recommend collecting and storing seeds, keeping tubers and propagating plants using cuttings from mature plants as excellent ways to produce dozens of new plants from a single flower for free.

Companion planting is one of the many money saving tips in gardening. For instance, grow tomatoes with marigold, chives and garlic to repel white and black fly, instead of buying harmful pesticides. Last, but not least, be organized, have discipline and stick to a routine. Tending to your garden requires plenty of time this is why many people rush what they are doing which results in their plants drying out. Bear in mind that starting again doubles the price.

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