How to Make Your Home More Pet Friendly For Your Four-Legged Friend

When having a pet and furnishing or having a house make-over, you naturally think of ways to make your four-legged friend more comfortable. You also want to keep your home clean and the new things you buy in good shape. Well, it’s not all that complicated, but you need to keep in mind a few things related to your cat’s or dog’s habits and needs. Here’s how to make your home more pet friendly.


The floor

The rule when you have pets is to choose hard floors, the harder, the better. Tiles are great because they don’t get scratched and also offer your dog a cool place to sleep in summer. Hard wood floors are also a good choice. You want to avoid rugs as much as you can, but if you really want to have one in the living room, choose a color that matches your pet’s fur, to hide away the hair he leaves behind.

The walls

Get washable paint with a glossy finish and avoid white, as it turns into grey in no time.

The furniture

Choose a couch fabric that can take dirt and scratches well, like leather, pleather or suede. But you can always make some covers for your old couch, armchairs and chairs with upholstery. Your furniture will be protected and you can easily clean those in the washing machine. Get a dust ruffle for your bed too, especially if you enjoy bedtime cuddling with your cat or dog there.

How to make your home more pet friendly. Tips

Get your cat a wicker sphere tower, complete with a machine-washable cushion, to save your furniture from constant scratch marks.

how to make your home more pet friendly

Instead of throwing a mat on the floor, think of ways to build your dog bed into areas that be hidden or tucked away when they are not being used.

how to make your home more pet friendly

Forget leaving a litter tray in the corner; cat litter cabinets can be both pretty and practical.

how to make your home more pet friendly

A built-in dog shower at one entrance of the house, in the mud or laundry room, is one of the best pet investments you can make to forever tackle those dirty paws issue.

how to make your home more pet friendly

Built-in feeding bowls are an excellent way to take advantage of unused space. It doesn’t only looks neat, but it ensures feeding bowls are never knocked over accidentally.

how to make your home more pet friendly


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