How to Build a Chicken Coop. Economical Models for a Small Yard

Raising chickens is something very useful you can do to enjoy some healthy, fresh food and you can do it even in a small yard. This is how to build a chicken coop on a small area to ensure the best living conditions for your birds.

How to build a chicken coop. Size and placement

If you start with 10 chickens, you need at least 40 square feet. But if you have enough land, you can supply a 10 feet area for every bird.

Make it as high as you need to have easy access for cleaning.

how to build a chicken coop

Chickens like to be warm and don’t appreciate draught, so find a sunny, dried place on an even surface. Choose a slightly higher plot to prevent the coop being flooded when it rains.

Arrange it so that the exit from the coop to the cage faces south, so that the birds soil the birds sit on is warmer.

How to build a chicken coop. Foundation

  1. First of all, dig and remove 12 – 15 inches of soil from the surface you’re building on.
  2. Lay around 4 inches of gravel on that area.
  3. Make a cast from 1 inch thick boards.
  4. Make a frame from rods, pour the concrete (M300) and let it dry for 3 weeks.
  5. When the concrete is dry, you can build the floor from boards.

If you don’t want to make a foundation, use some metal sheets around the coop area. Plant them 11 inches deep in the ground, to protect the birds from rodents.

How to build a chicken coop. Floor

Build the floor from dry, lasting material, like clay and straws, wood board or concrete. Lay a coating of sawdust, sand or straws for hygiene. The layer should be at least 8 inches in winter, to keep the birds warm.

How to build a chicken coop. Walls

For the walls you can use wood beams, girders or clay bricks, that are dry and durable. They will ensure warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer inside the coop.

Coat the walls with chipboards or panels, insulating on the inside with sawdust, cinder hair or straws.

How to build a chicken coop. Roof

A gable is the best option for water drainage and snow proofing. It will also make the coop taller. For the outside sheet you can use bulrush, shale, shingles or ruberoid. For the inside coating, use chipboard with cinder hair on the inside for a good insulation.


How to build a chicken coop. Ventilation

The final touch is to ensure ventilation. The coop needs to be aired for good hygiene conditions and productivity.

It needs windows on a surface up to half the floor area. Pipes can also be used for airing. Finally, you need to have a door to get inside the coop and the chickens have be able to access the open air cage.

Here are some other coop models.

how to build a chicken coop

how to build a chicken coop

how to build a chicken coop


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