Bedroom Organizing Ideas. Furniture Choice and Storage Tricks for Your Daily Comfort

Your day begins and ends in the bedroom, so keeping it organized is crucial for your state of mind. And it’s usually the messiest room in the house, with overflowing closet and drawers, cluttered nightstand, floor in disarray and too many random items under your bed to count. Here are 9 bedroom organizing ideas you will find useful regardless of the size of your room.

1. Organize your closet

An organized closet is the heart of a well-kept bedroom. Go through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in the past year.

Pick an organizational system for your clothing. Hang all the pants in one area, collared shirts in another and dresses in another. Hang all the long items in one part of the closet, so that you are left with a certain amount of space under the short ones to store clothes that are folded or shoes.

You can further organize your clothes by occasion or season. Be sure you have all the hangers you need, including pant hangers and no-slip hangers.

Once it’s sorted by type, arrange everything in your closet by color. This may be tedious, but this is the easiest and quickest way to sort through your wardrobe and pick out what to wear.

2. Stylish Jewelry Storage

Orphaned teacups and saucers are perfect vessels for sorting jewelry, and, when arranged in a velvet-lined drawer, they give you an easy-to-scan bird’s-eye view of your bijoux. To set it up, measure the height of the drawer’s side (not the front), then gather dishware that’s slightly shorter. Line the drawer with velvet or felt to prevent rattling and sliding.

bedroom organizing ideas

3. Bedroom organizing ideas. Store items under the bed

The space under the bed is an ideal storage area that you don’t want to waste. You could use cubbies, baskets, or bags to stash bed linens and other non-essentials, but drawers are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to access this space and keep it tidy. Some beds come with built-in storage, or you could make your own from repurposed dresser drawers.

bedroom organizing ideas

4. Bedroom organizing ideas. Use headboard space

Take advantage of headboard storage space by incorporating shelving for everything from books and lamps to favorite framed photos. You can buy shelved headboards, or make your own out of old drawers or pallets.

bedroom organizing ideas

5. Bedroom organizing ideas. Pick the right nightstand

Don’t let clutter pile up next to your bed. Depending on how much stuff you have, opt for shelves, drawers, or just a simple table.

If space allows, a desk is an excellent choice beside the bed. Its large surface area is convenient for files or correspondence and leaves room for luxuries, such as a drink tray. The bench slides underneath, out of the way, when not in use.

bedroom organizing ideas

6. Bedroom organizing ideas. Maximize wall surface

High-up bookshelves are perfect for storing beloved past reads and other items you don’t need super easy access to. Wall cubbies are a modern way to display knick knacks.

bedroom organizing ideas

7. Bedroom organizing ideas. Extra hanging space

If you need additional hanging space, or just want to keep jackets and heavier winter wear in the bedroom, an industrial coat rack is a chic and practical piece of bedroom decor.

bedroom organizing ideas

You can also use decorative hanging hooks for everything from hats to scarves and bags, and even small framed artworks. Some also include shelf space for displaying pictures, stuffed animals, or other favorite items.

bedroom organizing ideas

8. Bedroom organizing ideas. Invest in storage ottomans

These are beautiful and practical pieces of furniture that offer extra storage room. If you don’t have a hanger for your bag, the top of this stool is just right. You will also have all the seating you need in the bedroom.

bedroom organizing ideas


9. Minimize laundry space

You should have a laundry basket in your bedroom to be sure there won’t be clothes lying around until you get them in the washing machine. Save space with a hanging laundry hamper that fits discreetly over the back of a door. It’s easy to make your own with fabric and an embroidery hoop, that should be at least 14 inches in diameter.

bedroom organizing ideas


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