Converted Garages – Extra Space for Your Home

A poll done by a British insurance company revealed that 62 per cent of the drivers don’t park their cars in garages anymore and rather prefer to use these spaces for other purposes, such as storage and converting them into living spaces or serving other needs. Realtors say, in their turn, that converting a garage into a living space is more cost effective than extending the house itself.

“A single – car garage costs between £12,500 to £25,000 to convert and a two-car garage conversion costs between £20,000 and £40,000. Both are more cost effective than an extension”, a home designer explained to Daily Mail. “A garage is worth more converted into additional living space than as a garage, providing there is still enough room to park cars in the driveway”, he went on to say. At the same time, a converted garage also raises the price of a home when put on sale.

The garage conversion projects reflect the times in which we live, specialists also say. With extended families living under one roof due to escalating property prices, it is popular to turn them into extra bedrooms or living rooms— for children or elderly parents. At the same time, as more people work from home, offices are becoming increasingly common. The popularity of fitness and entertaining at home has meant many garages are now being made into gyms or party-rooms. Others simply turned them into media rooms.

But some people turned their garages into separate living spaces for their children, giving them the opportunity to save money and then move into their own places. When children finally lave the parents’ home, they can rent the space to tourists. We have included several suggestive converted pictures that highlight the potential these spaces have when it comes to being converted and take on new purposes in a house, depending on the owner’s needs.

Converted garages at home

Converted garages – a lounge

Converted garages at home

Converted garages – a private club

Converted garages at home

Converted garages – media room

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