Companion Plants In The Garden – Smart Gardening

Garden is not just a space which is designed to bring aesthetic value only to a property. It also has to highlight the owner’s pragmatic spirit by harmoniously blending beauty and practicality for final results easy to spot in each of the aforementioned cases. And since we have repeatedly spoken about flowers so far, let’s now look at an episode of smart gardening. That is, how to grow companion plants in the garden so that you have a rich fall in all the respects.

Did you know, for instance, that it is recommended you associate dill with carrots and cabbage. The explanation is simple: dill confuses carrot rust flies, which lay their eggs on carrot roots, and may deter cabbage pests as well.

Just as the tomato sauce goes very well with basil leaves, the same way the two plants grown next to each other the opening picture) make a redoubtable team, with the aromatic herb keeping pests away.

But did you know that chives, onions or even garlic go hand in hand with roses? An unusual combinations of scents, we have to admit, but this where the very explanation lies. They deter aphids and other pests by confusing them with their strong scent. They also help roses combat black spot for a consummate floral show in your garden.

And speaking of strong aromas, let’s now take a look of mint. Most kinds of mint ward off white cabbage moths, aphids, and flea beetles while you can enjoy a savory lemonade on the patio with natural resources straight from your garden.

Another combination that shows results is oregano with beans or broccoli. If you pair them, oregano will   enhance the flavor of beans in the garden and repels insects that bother broccoli.

Horticulturists also say that, while you should keep sage away from cucumbers, it enhances on the other hand rosemary, cabbage, and carrots, deterring cabbage moths, carrot flies, flea beetles, and slugs.

Last, but not least, plant thyme next to tomatoes. The flowers of the aromatic herb attract bees for pollination which will also help the neighbor, growing healthier and more productive.


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