Beautiful House Plans – Dream Home Architecture

We will below admire three beautiful house plans, homes on one level or two, which will surely capture everyone’s attention thanks to their outstanding architecture, sometimes with a hint of fairy tale. These are houses that will surely break the monotonous pace in a neighborhood and will attract curious glances. We will present them in detail along with price estimates of each project.

The first plan shows a house with a total living area of almost 190 square meters. It is a great house for a family as with a special architecture featuring classic elements. The play of games on the facades (arch windows, semi-circular balconies), glazed surfaces and river stone details bring a touch of elegance to this beautiful house. The ground floor is devoted to the living space, with three main rooms partially separated, both the living room and the dining room enjoying access to a terrace of 30 square meters. Upstairs there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, open to the outside through two balconies. The estimated price of this house is almost 79,000 euros.

case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-1 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-2 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-3 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-4

The second project is a single level home with a living area of 97 square meters. The house attracts thanks to its beautiful facades marked by contrasts, with the same stone details grabbing all the attention. The house is an ideal space for a young family with a child, featuring two bedrooms, with living area, split into two, the living and respectively dining room, both connected to a spacious terrace outside. The estimated price of this house is about 44,000 euros.

case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-5 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-6 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-7

The last plan describes an equally gorgeous house, with a well-proportioned chromatic display, with the roof, exterior wooden elements and decorative brick coming together in harmony. The house has a living area of 162 square meters and has two separate outdoor spaces for relaxing moments, one accessible from the living room, the other from a bedroom located on the ground floor. Upstairs there are three other bedrooms, each with access to a private balcony, with two bathrooms completing the space. The Turnkey price is about 68,000 euros.

case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-8 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-9 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-10 case-frumoase-beautiful-house-plans-11

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