8 Amazing Bathtubs And Sinks – Fine Accents

Sometimes a single well-placed accessory become the visual focal point of a décor, drawing all the looks like a vortex. This is actually the role of an interior designer, to create such hotbeds of interest which shall capture attention and admiration alike. In the images below, the bathtubs and kitchen sinks are those guide marks which weigh the most in the general landscape, becoming the central pieces in an otherwise inert picture. Here are some telling examples of amazing bathtubs and sinks, as partly seen on Archdigest.com

In the first image, a standalone tub joins forces with the unspoilt landscape beyond the glazed wall to induce a perfect state of relaxation. The image thrills and intrigues alike, since associating a bathtub with a wild natural scenery is hard to conceive at a first glance.

cazi de baie minunate amazing bathtubs

In the second example a bathtub flirts with nature again, with an outdoor terrace becoming the transit area to the green space beyond.

cazi de baie minunate amazing bathtubs 2

Classy all the way! The bathroom comes from a medieval French castle and radiates poetry and romanticism in an overall unitary picture, completed by old engravings and draperies.

cazi de baie minunate amazing bathtubs 3

A bathroom that gravitates around a marble tub. There’s no need for something else in this picture, besides a balcony that opens for extra moments of tranquility.

cazi de baie minunate amazing bathtubs 4

In the previous image and the next one, too, it would have never occurred to us a bathroom was lying before our eyes unless the tub featured in the picture. This exactly what the designers counted on, a tub that makes the whole room gravitate around it.

cazi de baie minunate amazing bathtubs 5

Wood and stone, a combination to which plants and flowers bring a dash of exotic. After all, the image shows a bathroom in a residence in Key West, Florida.

cazi de baie minunate amazing bathtubs 6

Moving into the kitchen, go for a sink that breaks the barrier of conventional design, such as this one in the image below, made of copper. It creates beautiful contrasts and goes very well with a hard wood floor.


When granite meets a stainless steel sink and brass taps, then you have an aesthetic trio hard to get through other decorative means.


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