8 gorgeous DIY projects using copper

A house with personality is one that the owner has arranged as he pleases. And this involves, most of the time, DIY  decorations.  Today, we see in the ranks below what decorations you can make from copper pipes. So if you want to change the ambiance of your home or if you simply want to discover some unique projects, we invite you to read on to see 8 beautiful and simple DIY projects using copper.


8 gorgeous DIY projects using copper

If this autumn you have made a big investment for your home and you have hoarat to change your plant, there is a great chance that you still have the house, stray in a corner, a few copper pipes. If not, you can find them at any DIY shop at an affordable price.

Although it seems hard to believe, you can make decorations, but also special pieces of furniture with a little imagination and some copper pipes. For example, one of the easiest things to do is the candle or clothing brackets, as you can see in the ranks below. Then a slightly more complicated project, but worth the effort, is a body of furniture that you can turn into a library, as in the image presented by us. Last but not least, you can easily achieve a support for toilet paper or even a jewelry holder. Finally, if you are more handy, you can perform an armchair or even chairs. With regard to the style of fitting, the objects in copper pipes easily find their place in an industrial style, modern, minimalist or contemporary.



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