Fedir House – Personalized Design For Every Room

A house stands out if it features personalized elements, if it comes in a distinct architecture and interior design, in exquisite lines and shapes. Our example today bears the signature of the Ukrainian designer Oleksii Karman and combines rooms which are different from each other, some of the distinctions being immediately breathtaking while others remain subtle and quite clever. Fedir House is a succession of different spaces, but all featuring the same modern design, open and welcoming just as a contemporary home is meant to be. Pictures come via Home-designing.com

The main entry leads into a wide open space which brings together the living and the kitchen, clad in different types of wood give each area its own personality: the kitchen features large panels of sleek and sophisticated veneer, the living room offers an intimate atmosphere with slatted wood and integrated lighting, and the walking path remains light and simple. A wooden staircase cuts the space in two, a fine looking visual layering. Orange stools by the kitchen island make a strong chromatic accent against the many-colored background.

Fedir House in Ukraine

Fedir House – the wood staircase divides the open space below

A simple design study, but featuring energizing colors that stimulate intellectual efforts and a wall to wall desk that open beautiful natural views outside wherever seated. A bedroom on the first floor also comes in a classic design, but very elegant. Skylights open the small loft space and shed natural light over the whole room, highlighting the cross-cut wood block panels covering one of the walls which impart a rustic feel.

Fedir House in Ukraine

Fedir House – natural light makes the study and the bedroom look spacious

casa pestrita fedir house 3
The kid’s bedroom also comes in simple lines so to maximize the space for the occupant to discharge all the energy. One of the back walls took on the role of a blackboard to absorb all the artistic appetite of the minor, a bold and ingenious idea. Finally, the two bathrooms come in whole different designs, featuring diverse chromatic patterns matching the tastes of the different age users. The main bathroom combines satin and reflexive black, a mixture which is then toned down by the beautiful vividly colored mosaic that spreads on the floor and one of the walls.

Fedir House in Ukraine

Fedir House – kid’s bedroom features a simple, yet intriguing design

casa pestrita fedir house 5

Fedir House in Ukraine

Fedir House – bathrooms come each in its own style

casa pestrita fedir house 7

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