What To Do With The Christmas Tree – Six Ways to Recycle It

Time has come for that sad moment in which we remove all ornaments and decorations that we so gladly put on only a few weeks ago. Life follows its natural course, but if there’s any way we can be grateful to the tree that embellished our homes all this while, then just don’t throw it away. Here is what to do with the Christmas tree instead and how you can recycle it in a constructive manner, as seen on Housebeautiful.com.

The easiest way is to take it to a recycling center. Big cities have such tree collecting and recycling centers, usually run by the park management authority. Even if employees collect the trees from the landfills, you can call one these centers to find out the designated tree pickup days and times. The trees are sent through a chipper to be used as mulch for parks and green areas.

If you have a lake or a pond nearby, then another way to responsibly dispose of the Christmas trees is to dump your tree into it. That old pine or spruce provides a natural and decomposing habitat for fish and will attract algae for them to eat. Just make sure to remove all ornaments, hooks, and decorations before sinking it.

If you don’t want to throw it away anyway, then remove all the branches and shake off the dead needles to use them as natural fertilizer. Throw them on the organic waste heap and use as mulch next spring. Important to know, the needles won’t collect mold and they decompose slowly.

Now, if you happen to have a fir tree with a thick trunk, then use your handsaw or hacksaw to cut your Christmas tree trunk into original coasters and trivets which will impress your guests. Make sure you sand down the surfaces and stain and seal them before using to prevent sap from leaking.

What to do with the Christmas tree after

What to do with the Christmas tree – original coasters

The last two uses are easy to guess. For those living in a house which also has a wood burning stove, then the dry tree is a facile resource. Or you can send it through a chipper to use either as fuel or mulch.

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