A Contemporary Design Home Office

The modern times, the expansion of the Internet and more diversified labor market have also turned working from home into a fashionable and practical trend, with pros and cons depending on the personal experience of each. And for the very reason of creating a working environment which shall bring out pros only, an Israeli couple wanted to turn their house in the suburbs of capital Tel Aviv into a place which takes on both a practical and familiar home office appearance. Here is more about this contemporary design home office, as seen on Homedesignlover.com.

More specifically, the two wanted to give the home a general look which to turn it into a space suitable for both professional and family activities, where to work and spend time with kids at the same time, rather than setting up a working space in an isolated room of the house. The architecture company hired to do the makeover chose an open plan dining/living area which allows the parents to watch the children from their offices behind the glass and aluminum partitions while they are working, giving them full privacy while still keeping an eye of the kids (see the opening picture, too).

Contemporary design home office for all

Contemporary design home office – the working spaces overlook most of the ground floor area

casa-birou contemporary design home office

The first thing that strikes you as you go inside is the wall shelf featuring a contemporary geometric design which spans a back wall of the living room. In all this modern landscape, the wooden floor comes to bring a dash of traditional. Here and there, glass room dividers partition the open space, bringing a bit of intimacy.

The designers chose to keep the dining room bright, while the kitchen features dark material furniture so to define a separate space visually even the two come together. Some sculptural pendant lights hang over the table in the dining room, somehow extending the kitchen space into the day time areas.

From their offices, the parents can keep a close eye on the kids playing all around on the main floor. Between the office and the living room are the stairs that lead to the second floor of the house, again a subtle passage from the working area to the intimacy zone of the home. Bathrooms also boast a captivating design, featuring an elegant wood and marble combination in a consummate chromatic harmony.


Contemporary design home office for all

Contemporary design home office – subtle access to the intimacy area of the home from the offices

casa-birou contemporary design home office 5 casa-birou contemporary design home office 6

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