Five Tips For A Quick Home Cleaning

We’re back with some more simple ideas that can make a difference in various situations we run into at home. Below are several new such home tips we all have within reach, but which were entirely unknown to us before. Here are five tips for a quick home cleaning that never fail when we put them into practice, coming via

Scratches on furniture are so unaesthetic and spoil the whole decorative harmony in a room, especially when we know they’re out there. Well, those who tried this at home say it works very well so give it a try yourselves, too. Spruce up wood furniture by filling in scratches with shoe polish in a similar shade and you’ll see the polish will perfectly integrate in the wooden surface.

If going out for a picnic is one of your favorite pastimes, then you may want to hear this useful piece of advice. You’ve often run into the problem of a wet soil or grass when laying your blanket. So do some dew control actions and layer a liner underneath a picnic blanket to avoid soggy bottoms and grass or mud stains. You won’t have to worry about moisture ruining your day out with the family.

Sugar plays a very good and effective abrasive role so use for this purpose when the situation requires. For instance, if you have greasy hands after fixing your car, just rinse the hands and then rub them with some sugar. The tiny crystals will do their job and remove the dirt in the blink of an eye.

Do not throw away an old electric toothbrush. It may turn out to be more useful than you think. Use it as a reliable scout which you can rely on when you have to clean inaccessible crevices. It can save some effort during those operations of scrubbing enamel or chrome surfaces if you have to cope with small stains or grouts.

If you have linoleum tiles, then you know scuffs are so hard to remove. This is that kind of situation when helps comes from where you expect the least – the toothpaste. Put a dab of it over the small stains and rub them away using a dry clean piece of cloth.

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