The Colorful Apartment – An Energetic Decor

We have always encouraged you to embrace splashes of colors in your homes because they do bring extra vitality and dynamism. Well-chosen and visually balanced, colors complete interiors, remove any feeling of boredom, spruce up rooms and offer a final fresh image. And, to give you just one of the myriad of available examples, here is an apartment in Sankt Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, a telling proof about the power of colors, the positive mood they bring about and the well-defined role they play in home design.

The apartment we are now looking at is a spacious one, spreading on 230 square meters, divided into four separate living units to accommodate as many members of the same family. The first feeling that tries you once you step inside is the certainty the space is inhabited by a family who loves life, joyous and optimistic. From one corner to another, the colors succeed in different hues, in matching patterns, which takes you through a chromatic adventure like in a fun park. On the walls, floor, furniture and accessories, colors prove they can dramatically alter interiors which end up bursting with energy.

In the living, colors on the walls, with spots here and there, match the pillow cases, plants and other decorative elements discreetly slipped into the décor. A mirrored wall partition spreads light across the room and open up the space even more. In a corner, a beautiful modern design table, plays its well-defined role in spreading colors, too. A white piano in a different corner comes to mitigate the chromatic cascade in the living.

The bedrooms, lying on the upper area of the apartment, are another display of colors, bathed in the natural light abundantly coming in through the generous windows. Since the designers couldn’t find colorful furniture in the stores, they requested for customized pieces just for the apartment. The teenagers’ bedrooms can be easily distinguished in the apartment’s plan in colorful combinations even bolder and more energetic. We will let the images below tell you the colorful story all the way till the very end.

The colorful apartment in Russia

The colorful apartment – from one room to another, a succession of matching colors

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