Why it is wrong to wash your clothes at 40 degrees

There are certain activities we do without anyone teaching us how to. Somehow, it’s like we have always known how to wash the clothes in the washing machine, how to wash the dishes, how to change the bed linen and everything. But what happens if we find out that what we thought was right, is actually wrong? And more so, that we risk getting sick because of some things that seem harmless?
So, why is it wrong to wash your clothes at 40 degrees? Basically, if you wash your clothes at low temperatures (at 40 degrees or less), you risk getting sick, both you and your family members. Recent studies have proven that washing clothes at such low temperatures does not eliminate germs. So, if you wash your clothes at 40 degrees Celsius, you can only remove stains from clothes, but not really clean them. The clothes that head into the machine can contain up to 100 million bacteria. Thus, the clothes can be contaminated both with bacteria that are harmless, and with some very damaging to our organism.
For example, the Golden staphylococcal, which causes urinary tract infections and pneumonia, can live up to 40 degrees without any problems. Moreover, if you mix your clothes with your underwear, you can add E. coli bacteria as well. The risk is even higher in the cold season because the viruses that cause colds can easily live into the washing machine. Also, different allergies can occur because between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius, no dust or impurities disappear, as would happen at higher temperatures.

Why it is wrong to wash your clothes at 40 degrees

What is the ideal temperature
When you wash your clothes at temperatures lower than 40 degrees Celsius, you only destroy 6% of the bacteria, compared to 100%, as if you were washing your clothes at 60 degrees Celsius. This is why it is advisable to check the clothing label carefully before you buy them to make sure they can be washed at temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius. Also, you must choose carefully the detergent you are using. On the market, Rxistanon-biological detergents, which contain bleaching agents, which cleanse and disinfect biological detergents, which rely on enzymes that remove particles from dirt. Manufacturers of these detergents say that these products are efficient and at low temperatures and protects textile materials. If you still choose to wash your clothes at temperatures lower than 40 degrees Celsius, use disinfectants, even more so if it is the children’s clothes.

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