What To Do With Coconut Oil – 8 Unknown Uses

Coconut oil has countless uses in the cosmetic industry and in cooking recipes.  But beyond its multiple qualities in the two situations mentioned above, coconut oil, a non-allergenic oil which can be consumed by children, too, can be used in many other circumstances which we often run into. Here is what to do with coconut oil, in a few recommendations seen on Instructables.com

And since summer is on its way, you should know that coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and can really help calm upset skin. It is thus highly recommend putting a tiny container of it in the fridge and using it for any bites or burns you get. You just need to chip off a tiny piece and rub it on the affected area.

A whole book can be written about positive effects coconut oil has on our health, but we will leave that to specialized websites. We are moving on to more practical aspects of the everyday life and we inform you coconut oil is an excellent substitute, cheaper and less toxic, of the furniture shine chemical products. Using a dry cloth, give those old leather shoes the yester shine with a single drop of coconut oil. Last, but not least, coconut oil is a great fix for sad, splotchy stainless steel.

If you have pets in the house, then coconut oil is an answer to many problems. Coconut oil soothes dry, itchy skin, so rub some directly onto the belly or legs of a dog. Apply a tiny bit of coconut oil to your cat’s paws or feed them up to 1/2 teaspoon daily – they’ll lick it off and it should help the hairballs to pass through the digestive system properly instead of coming back up. Try to avoid feeding them too much coconut oil – keep in mind that it is a laxative. The oil is also a perfect solution to remove fleas, again by rubbing it onto the fur.

If you’re out of diapers and need one badly, then mix a cup of warm water, one spoonful of coconut oil and one spoonful of liquid soap and then dip a towel into the composition. Wrap the child until new diapers are secured and the calming and hydrating mixture will do its job just fine.

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