What Clothes Require Hand Washing? Small Guide For Delicate Fabrics

Washing in the machine is not always an option, especially when we’re talking about delicate fabrics. You shouldn’t back out from hand washing the clothes you love the most. By following this small guide, you’ll be able to keep your delicate clothes in excellent shape. Here is what clothes require hand washing and how to do it properly to keep them in tip top shape.

What clothes require hand washing? Types of fabric

Wool, silk, satin, cashmere and mohair are considered delicate and it’s easy to damage them if you put them in the machine. Normally, you should hand wash all fabrics that require a water temperature below 85 degrees, dyed ones, but also the ones with hand-made sewn applications, sequin,
leather etc.

Anyway, you should check the hang tag of all your clothes before putting them in the machine.

What clothes require hand washing? Leather

Leather clothes shouldn’t be washed. Wipe the stains with a damp cloth and get rid of smells by using a mixture of 5 parts water-1 part white vinegar. Then, put them on a hanger and let them dry in a warm place.

What clothes require hand washing? How it’s done

Before starting, check the hang tag of your clothing article for any special indications. Fill a wash-hand basin, the sink or bathtub, making sure you follow the instructions concerning the water temperature written on the hang tag. If you are washing several clothing items, it’s best to use the lowest water temperature indicated.

Also make sure you hand wash same-color clothes to avoid color transfer.

Use the right quantity of detergent when hand washing your clothes. If it’s powder, let it dissolve thoroughly before sinking the clothes.

Water dip your clothes one by one. Clothes with hard-to-remove stains need to be soaked for about half an hour before.

Tender rub and coil your clothes in water. Insist upon the stains but don’t harsh rub.

Change the water. Well stir your clothes to rinse. Let the water drain and fill again. Add fabric softener, but not directly on the clothes. Let them soften for about half an hour. Drain all the water.

Rinse well each clothing article with clean water. Dry your clothes (especially the dresses or sweaters) laying them on a towel to prevent stretching.

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