6 Alternative Uses For Aluminum Foil

We all know it for the important role it plays in the kitchen, but we have never thought it can also assume other tasks besides those strictly associated with cooking. But there are so many alternative uses for aluminum foils and we will only synthesize some of them in the article below. So here are some alternative uses for aluminum foil as seen on Instructables.com

Let’s first see some uses that those fond of gardening can take advantage of. Some birds are scared of shiny things. If you dangle some aluminum foil from your fruit tree (especially with scary eyes drawn on), the birds will think twice before feasting on your crop. Light-sensitive pests will stay away from your be-tinseled tree.

During the wintertime, the tender trunk bark of younger plants is a treat for starving animals. If you don’t want Bambi to make it to spring, just wrap your trunks in aluminum foil for the winter.

Keep hungry slugs and bugs out. To keep the small ones from munching on your plants, make an aluminum foil mulch. Weed your bed, then lay normal weedblock over it. Place aluminum foil, shiny side down, over the weedblock to create a barrier that will send virus-spreading aphids elsewhere.

If you have a shady garden, then make a sun box. Place an aluminum foil in a shoebox corner to reflect the sun back into the plants rather than rotating them all the time.

In the same context, place an aluminum foil on the wall behind a radiator and all the heat will be reflected back into the room, saving consistent energy and money in winter.

Ball up some aluminum foil and use it to scrub off the nasty, stuck-on messes that get left behind on your non-non-stick pots and pans. This is great for those times when you cook, say, a casserole with some foil on top. You can use the same foil for cleanup and then recycle it.

If you want to give your tarnished silverware that shiny look it once had, just lay some foil down in a shallow, flat pan. Pour in some hot water and add a dash of salt and baking soda. Plop your silver items into your dish, making sure that they’re touching one another and resting on the foil. Watch the tarnish disappear! If your silver is no longer recognizable as silver, wait about five minutes. After their bath, run some cool water over your silver sporks and gently buff them dry with a soft towel.

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