8 Unknown Uses For An Onion

We know it as a basic ingredient for various dishes. We also know it is very rich in antioxidants and it helps us fight cancer, diabetes or the banal cold. But other than that, onions can also be used alternatively as efficient solutions to various problems we encounter every day. So here are some unknown uses for an onion to rely on when needed.

If you like to go camping, then make sure you keep bugs and mosquitos away. Rubbing an onion on your skin is a simple way to repel bugs and enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

If you have a nasty encounter with a bee at a barbecue, grab one of the onion slices intended for your burger and place it over the area where you got stung. It will ease the soreness. (If you are severely allergic to bee or other insect stings, seek medical attention at once.)

A knife left outside will soon collect rust. Forget about using steel wool or harsh chemicals if you want to remove it. Just plunge your rusty knife into a large onion three or four times (if it’s very rusty, it may require a few extra stabs). The only tears you shed will be ones of joy over your rust-free blade.

If you have a splinter in your finger that won’t move at all, try taping (yes, with tape, or an adhesive bandage) a piece of raw onion to it. Hold tight for about an hour before removing the onion.

Your bedroom’s new shade of paint looks great, but the smell is keeping you up all night. What to do? Place several freshly cut slices of onion in a dish with a bit of water. It will absorb the smell within a few hours.

Since we mentioned paint, here is how to make a DIY dye for those who care about their look. We all know onion skins make great dyes! Place the skins in nylon panty hose, tie top shut, and boil in a pot for about 20 minutes.

If you happen to be with someone at a party or in a restaurant who feels faint — and you don’t normally carry smelling salts in your pocket — reach for a freshly cut onion. The strong odor is likely to bring him around.

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