Two Bedroom Houses With Attic

Attic houses are the ideal homes of those living in apartments and seeking to move on the ground, as they say colloquially. These are homes featuring classic architecture which harmoniously blend a traditional design with low maintenance costs. Today we will take a close look at some two bedroom houses with attic that practically divide living spaces from the sleeping quarters.

The first plan shows a very beautiful house which features an original architecture that brings together different volumes and areas on the facades that mix in superb contrasts, besides dormers in a unique design. The house has a total living area of 146 square meters and sells for about 45,000 Euros, VAT not included, in a semi-finished stage. On the ground floor, the living area opens into a covered patio, while a bathroom and a technical room complete the space in the main level. Upstairs rest two bedrooms which also enjoy large outdoor areas.

case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-1 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-2 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-3 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-4 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-5

The second example comes in a similar classic architecture which features dynamic facades and elements of exterior design that personalize this home. Spreading on a living area of 131 square meters, this house sells for 62,000 euros if you opt for a metallic framing, as you can see in the attached pictures, the house features generous outdoor spaces both on the ground floor and the first level which enable a direct contact with nature. A dressing is also available in the attic.

case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-6 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-7 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-8 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-9

Finally, the third example comes as house featuring the same traditional design, lying on 105 square meters. With just 7 meters in width, the house can also match narrow plots of land. The living area spreads on 27 square meters while the bedrooms above has each its own bathroom, one of the bedrooms also featuring a spacious dressing. The plan can be adjusted to meet a customer’s specific needs in terms of interior space division. No price estimation is offered by the builder.

case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-10 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-11 case-cu-doua-camere-si-mansarda-two-bedroom-houses-with-attic-12


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