Brief Guide To Turning An Attic Into A Living Space

Space, there’s never enough of it, we know it very well. Every day new needs come up and, here and there, new members of the family which puts more pressure on a home. The attic, so far used solely for storage purposes, is the first option when it comes to expanding a living space in a house. It’s not simple, but not complicated either and turning a storage space into a living one requires some investments. Here is more about turning an attic into a living space.

We start from the premise you got all the licenses you need to make this change because you need a technical study proving the house structure can support this weight. After you get the green light, the first step you have to take is extending the electric, thermal and sanitary installations of the house. Make sure you stick to the plan once you decide on the attic space division, otherwise the first step may have to be covered again.

The next step is installing the skylights, very important to allow light and ventilation, both natural and the cheapest and most efficient ways to bring comfort inside. It is ideal skylights in bedrooms and kids’ rooms face east while those windows in living rooms should face south or west. Anyway, regardless of how our house is positioned, skylights are more than a necessity despite some good money paid for them, unless your attic already has side windows.

Once the windows are installed take care of thermal and hydro insulating the roof if you want to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Mineral wool insulation remains the cheapest and most efficient way to do this since the porous and elastic structure of the wool also absorbs noise. Mineral wool is incombustible and does not fuel fire or propagate flames. Place a source of heat right under the skylight to avoid condensation over the winter.

Finally, dividing the space in the attic is up to your preference and needs alike. Attics are usually turned into bedrooms since they are more quiet, isolated from the rest of the home, but they can also host bonus-rooms where to indulge in your hobbies while the room still being available for whatever other needs may arise. To access the attic, you can use a fixed staircase, made of wood, or you can opt for a retractable ladder if there’s not much space available.


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