Turn Your Home Into a Meditative Space

We probably hear this a lot in this alert and stressful environment we live in day to day: relax, calm down and keep cool! At the end of the day, we force ourselves to put behind us everything connected to our professional life and turn our attention to family, hobbies and friends. Some people find their inner peace in the garden, on the balcony or in the middle of the nature. But we can very easily recharge our batteries in our own home, whether a house or a flat, if we know how to arrange it to turn into a real meditative space. Here are five easy steps to get that space of tranquility.

Meditation enhances immunity, potentates the brain activities and alleviates anxiety and depression. We often go to psychologists to get over difficult moments in our lives, but we fail to remember meditation can also help. To prove that any room can turn into a meditative space, journalists at Huffington Post turned one of their offices in a room where anyone can enjoy this respite oasis.

Meditative space at home

Meditative space

An interior designer gave them five practical tips. First of all, use calm colors, cool and neutral tones like blues, greens, light purple and soft pink.

Secondly, add candles. It is ideal you let natural light flow into the room because this helps best in meditation, but if this is not possible then turn to candles to get the same serene atmosphere.

At the same time, use objects that are representative to you and that you connect spiritually with, such as a painting, a religious object and even an hourglass. They help you very much lift your spirits and deepen the meditative state.

It is also essential to meditation to sit comfortably. Use small cushions for this when clearing your mind and which you can later easily stow under the bed.

Since we talk about meditation, use a table or a nightstand or any other surface as an altar where you can put flowers, candles and the above-mentioned representative objects. Use this altar as the main focal point in the room that you associate with the meditative state.

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