How to turn your balcony into a garden

In summer, we want to spend as much time in nature as possible. Unfortunately, however, we don’t all live at the house and, surely, few of us manage to enjoy a getaway out of town every weekend. So the only solution is to bring nature to our home. We do not speak in metaphors nor plan to propose an impossible thing. Our solution is simple and handy to anyone-turning the balcony into a mini garden. How do we do that? We see in the ranks below. So, continue reading to learn how to turn the balcony into a garden in just a few steps.

How to turn your balcony into a garden

In Most cases the possibilities of fitting are limited because the balconies are small size. Therefore, in order to create the illusion of a larger space it is necessary for the decoration to be designed on height and to choose a single central point such as a tree, shrub or fruit tree. To give the impression of wide space you can use modest accessories such as classic, simple pots and flowers that have similar shades. You can also use tall and thin plants and around the pot you can put cataratoare plants such as clematita, glycine or trumpet, which will give a nice and pleasant look to the balcony.

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