Travel 2.0: 10 Person Campervan

Although temperatures are not very friendly this summer, and the rai and floods upset us, weekly, the summer months are perfect for a long  vacation, with family or friends, but also for romantic escapades, with your loved one. Besides city breaks in major cities in Europe and an all inclusive stay in Greece, Turkey, Mamaia or Eforie Nord, more and more people opt for a holiday… on wheels. In the ranks below, we present a campervan that can host up to 10 person, being an inspired choice for those who want to take a tour of our country or, why not, of Europe, together with friends and family.

Travel 2.0: 10 Person Campervan

When you leave with the camp on vacation, you don’t have to look for hotels, but parking spaces. Even more seriously, you go home in the back and we have to admit, it’s really good to be able to get all the stuff you need, without having a limit on the weight of your luggage, for example. If when you travel by plane, you think twice before you put the third pair of sandals in the troller, well, when you leave with the caravan, you can get all the sandals in the closet because the storage space is not a problem.

Although relatively small, with an area of 32 square meters and only two bedrooms, the house below can accommodate up to 10 people. The model is produced by American company Escape Traveler and has a simple design that offers plenty of facilities, and the price is 78,500 dollars.

The campvan has large windows and additional accessories, such as a sofa bed. There’s also a TV and a Blu-ray player. The kitchenette includes a stove and a sink, and the bathroom has a bathtub and shower, a toilet and a wardrobe. The washing machine and the laundry dryer can be included, if desired. This trailer model can accommodate up to ten people, assuming that some of these are children. Besides, it’s important to mention that the caravan works on solar panels, it has battery accumulators and compost toilets. The design offers off-grid options with the standard solar package that is composed of a solar panels array of 500 W, linked to a storage battery of 200 Ah, which can be upgraded. A standard connection system is also available.



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